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Ultimate Guide & Checklist for Moving Into a New House

Home sweet home is definitely the best place on earth. The feeling of becoming a homeowner and the process of moving to your first home can be surprisingly good. The journey of installing a house and making it a sweet home is always unforgettable. Whether for the most part in the kitchen or for the bedroom and the bathroom, it is an unforgettable experience. But the process of converting a home that you can call your sweet home requires a lot of effort. There are so many essentials to buy and install so you can move into your first home and stay comfortable. Are you installing your first home? Are you moving to your first home and wondering how to fit and accommodate it perfectly so you can live comfortably? I covered you, for today in this post, I will help you do things right. I share a proven checklist to move into your first home. This checklist will help you set up your home and live comfortably after the move.

Checklist for Moving Into a New House

We all work very hard in our office all day and look forward to going home and relaxing and having a peaceful night. Those who are sick at home will understand that no matter how many places you go to, you will always feel the need to go home after a few days. This is the kind of connection that most of us have with our home. For me, my home is probably the safest shelter I have.

Our homes contain different types of items, but of all the household items, there are few that are essential. Each house is different from the others because it is built according to the choice of its owner, but it is the essential list of household items that is the common link of each house. In fact, there is a certain set of essential essentials.

There is a difference between luxury and need. While some items are intended for luxury and can be considered optional, others are essential to make the house habitable. In reality, these elements are the fundamental part of our life without which we can not live and must therefore be part of every new home.

So, if you move into your first home and are wondering how to properly accessorize all the essentials, here is the checklist of entry into the first house that will help you do it right.

So are you ready?

Now let's create the entry checklist in the first house.

Checklist to move into your first home:

It's mainly the items we have at home that really increase the value of your home, because whenever you need something that is a basic need for us, we get it at home. Therefore, none of the essential items should be missing from your home.

Owning a house is a dream for all of us and before decorating it with various decorative and luxurious objects; you should take a call if your house contains all the essentials needed for a new home.

Basic kitchen appliances:

The first thing we need to check the list of items to incorporate into the new house is the basic appliances for cooking. To survive, you have to cook and eat. As a result, basic kitchen appliances are a necessity and this should be at the top of your list of issues. Without setting up your kitchen, you will not be able to cook and you will only have to depend on processed foods that are neither possible nor healthy.

Now, the type of utensil to buy depends on your lifestyle and your eating habits. If you want something expensive or branded or if you opt for the most ordinary, it's about you. But, if you follow my suggestion, it's best to mix and match things.

When you buy a device that you need to use daily or, if not, but frequently, such as a frying pan, pressure cooker, etc., it is better to buy a branded one. Indeed, good quality products will last a very long time and you do not need to rush to buy a new one so soon. In addition, branded items have a certain warranty period. Therefore, if they do not work properly within this time, you can have them repaired or replaced with a new one for free.

And when it comes to other things like a fork, spoons, a can opener, a grater, a peeler, etc., it is not very important to buy a brand. You can buy everything that is decent in local stores. Of course, it is better to buy one or two games of these products later, as this will increase the efficiency of your cooking, but it is not mandatory at the moment.

Cooktop, gas and oven:

You have dishes and cooking utensils, but you need an oven and a gas connection to cook your food. Even if it depends on your style of cooking, however, you must arrange for the hob / oven or gas connection. You can not do without it, so it should be in the list of priorities. Go check the box of your move in your new checklist and you are ready to move to the next item in the list.

A good set of knives and scissors:

Well, knives and scissors are a must in every household and you need them almost every day. Whenever you think of cutting a sealed package or something, the first thing you will need is a set of scissors. Personally, I suggest you keep at least 2 scissors - 1 big and 1 small and believe me, these can be very useful.

The ideal way to chop vegetables, fruits, etc. is to use a good knife and a cutting board. So, basically, a knife is a need and you must not forget it. In fact, I prefer good quality products, mainly used for cooking. Those who enjoy everyday cooking know how difficult it sometimes is to cut certain vegetables or foods. Therefore, if you have knives of good quality, your work will be much easier.

Glassware and dishes:

You cook your food with all the basic utensils, but you also need quality glassware and dishes to eat. Yes, glasses, dishes, etc. are essential and you should have several. What I did was keep two sets of high quality glassware and dishes, which I usually use on occasions, especially when guests come for lunch or dinner. And, for everyday use, I kept 2 or 3 games of a suitable quality but not too expensive.

Not just dishes and glasses, it's good to have one or two cups of coffee for each member of your family, so that each of you can have the perfect tea or coffee every day. You can use the cups at other times, for example to drink fruit juice, milk, etc. Check them to indicate your move to your first home checklist and move to the next item on the list.

Storage containers:

The kitchen and kitchen utensils are finished and it is now time to focus on the storage containers. Well, it is not possible to always cook just the right amount of food, so you should keep it in the refrigerator for later use and avoid waste. And, for that, it is necessary that you have some storage containers. You can obviously buy good quality containers because it is better not to compromise on something related to food and it is a one-time investment, so opt for the good ones.

Storage items are not limited to the kitchen. you need a storage container suitable for storing cereals and other ingredients such as oil, rice, legumes, spices, etc. So be sure to buy these containers according to your needs. Do not go to the sea and buy more, because at this point, your priority should be to cover the essentials. You can buy extras when you settle in your new home.

Water purifier:

Most germs spread in unpurified water and so it is very important that each house has its own water purifier. This will ensure that the water you drink is free of germs. But remember that using the same water purifier for years is not a very good idea. It must be properly maintained and the filter must be changed whenever necessary. Also make sure the purifier is cleaned frequently to work at an optimal level.

A vacuum:

Well, the vacuum is definitely part of the list of essential items that every home must have. Indeed, it's one of the easiest ways to clean your rooms and get rid of dust. Most of us lead a very hectic lifestyle and it is not possible to clean the house every day anymore if you live alone. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is really practical. All you have to do is vacuum up your floors, curtains once a week and remove all the dirt. In fact, the vacuum removes dust and dirt and saves a lot of time.

Broomstick and mop:

The vacuum cleaner cleans the dust from your house, but sometimes the floors become sticky and you have to wash them thoroughly with water, for that you need a broom. This greatly facilitates the cleaning work because you will not have to sit down and clean the floor with a cloth. In addition, you can clean areas away from your hands, such as floor areas under your bed, etc.

There are different varieties of brooms and mops on the market, but buy those that you can immerse in soapy water and clean the floors. A broom and a mop are a necessity and you must get a good one before moving into your new home.

Laundry essentials:

Essential items for laundry are essential elements that every home must have. Indeed, we all regularly wear clothes that get dirty more if you go out frequently. So, these clothes should be cleaned before wearing them again. Some items may be kept for weekly cleaning, but there are few clothes to wash almost every day. So make sure you have a laundry basket with other essentials, such as detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc.

Press and ironing board:

Another item that you must have is an iron. I'm sure you will not want to wear a creased shirt in your office. You must therefore do a weekly ironing. It is therefore important to keep an iron at home. You can also buy an ironing board for this purpose.

Door mat:

A welcome mat at the entrance of your home is essential, not only does it look beautiful, but it keeps dirt and dust from entering your home. A beautiful door rug not only adds to the sophistication of the entire home and welcomes your guest, but it also helps you keep your home clean. You know that when you come home after a day's work, your body, and especially your feet on rainy days, contains a lot of dust and dirt. Now, before entering your home and then going to the bathroom, if you rub your feet in the door mat properly, your floors will be less dirty. Therefore, a door mat is not just a decorative element, but a necessity that every home must have.

First aid:

Every house must have a first aid box. You never know when emergencies occur and it is therefore advisable that you are prepared for this. You or any of your family members may suddenly feel sick during the night, when most drug stores are closed and you do not have time to organize your car and go to hospital. That's when you realize the importance of first aid. At least this will serve a little initial relief and give you time to see a doctor for further healing if the problem is severe.

Thus, each of us must make the basic provisions for first aid and keep some drugs useful for treating common health problems such as upset stomach, cold and cough, fever, etc.


Curtains are something that every home must have. Well, the house is a private space, especially a bedroom and so it is best to keep this privacy with the curtains. Therefore, it becomes a necessity. In addition, when we sleep, we need a dark and cool environment to fall asleep quickly and the curtains help us achieve it.

And, regarding the added benefits, the curtains enhance the overall beauty of the home with their beautiful, colorful fabrics. So, please use curtains in the spaces of privacy.

Basic toiletries:

Needless to say, basic toiletries are one of the essential items for your new home where you are moving into. These actually form the basic needs of life and we cannot live without these. Everyone has to maintain hygiene and so the toiletries are necessary for all of us. Hence, do not miss out buying your favorite shampoo, soap, oil, perfume, comb, toothpaste etc. Once you tick these off, you are good to move to the next item in the moving into your new home checklist.

Adequate lighting:

Proper lighting in every room is essential and every home must have it. You can still manage during the day thanks to the natural sunlight outside but during night, it is really hard to live without lights. Candles may serve temporary purposes but for important activities like studying, cooking, eating etc. proper lighting is a must. So, make sure, you have made proper lighting arrangement so that you do not have to wander around in the dark.

Important furniture:

Last but not the list in the moving to new home checklist is the arrangement for household furniture. You may need different types of furniture depending on the availability of space and your lifestyle needs. But you have to get the basics sorted like a bed to sleep, cupboards, dining table, sofa set and a tea table. These are some of the basic household furniture that is required while setting up a new home.

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