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Things to Keep and Carry with Yourself When Moving House

The security of your personal belongings is paramount when it comes to moving a house, especially when moving long distance. This is why we place so much emphasis on the correct packaging of boxes, and we also ask you to hire efficient and well-equipped movers to ensure maximum security of the items during transport.

Things to Keep and Carry with Yourself When Moving House

However, there are some essential items that you should keep with you on the day of the move. Well, it is not that they are not safe at the hands of trusted movers, but it is just to ensure that the items are not lost, lost or damaged in any way, you must keep them with you.

Things to keep and take with you when moving:

The articles include very useful articles which are of utmost importance, as well as articles which help to make your journey comfortable. Today I'm going to discuss what you should keep with you on the day of relocation so that, when packing, you keep them separate in the bag that you will take with you during the move.

Well, before I start with the list of items to keep with you when relocating, I just want to clarify that this list is not at all similar to the items to be packed in the essentials box.

In case you are not sure what an essential survival box is, let me clarify it a bit more for you. The essential box is the box containing all the crucial elements necessary for your survival in the first days in your new space.

This is the last box you will pack and the first box you will need to open after relocation. But, there is no constraint that you have to carry the essential box with you during the trip. You can also give it to the movers.

In fact, most of the time, you will have to pack more than one essential box, so of course, you can't always take them with you all the time. Contrary to that, the list of items that I am going to talk about today are the ones that you must keep with you to survive the trip.

Essential things to keep with you when relocating:

Resettlement isn't just about transporting your items from one home to another. It is also your own physical relocation. In the case of a long distance move, you (and your family) will also have to travel this distance and in order to make this trip comfortable, you must have certain essential items with you.

In addition, you must keep at all costs all items that you cannot afford to lose to ensure maximum security for these goods. Also, in most cases, things get delivered to you after you've already moved, so handing over some emergency items to the movers can become an issue for you.

Here is the list of things to keep with you on the day of the move:

Important documents:

Important documents are definitely at the top of my list of essential things to keep with you on relocation day. Important documents may include

  • Your birth certificate

  • Academic documents

  • Professional documents

  • Credit card

  • Bank card book

  • Passport

  • Driver's license

You know that each of these documents is really important and you will definitely need them sooner or later. It is therefore advisable to keep all these documents safe with you so as not to lose them.

In fact, if you are traveling with your family, make sure that important documents of your family members are also taken in the car where you are traveling.

Try to keep a separate bag and keep all of these important things safe. Make sure you do not accidentally pack them in one of the boxes that you will give to the packer and mover, and avoid unnecessary tension being lost later.

Food and snacks:

It is true that there is the possibility of buying food in stores, but the situation may not be suitable all the time. Like for example, you can take a route where food stops are very short or you can be hungry, but the shops are closed at that time.

So what are you going to do then? Stay hungry? Well, certainly not, so it is recommended that you carry food and snacks with you on the go.

In fact, even if you forget to bring snacks for yourself, don't make this mistake when you have children with you. Make sure you have baby and child food with you. The same goes for pets. Pet food should also be taken in your car.


Well, I thought of mentioning it separately instead of just mentioning it under food as it is very essential for survival, and you should keep bottles of water with you throughout your trip. It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the trip and for this you and your family members should drink plenty of water.

In fact, not only for drinking, water is necessary for many purposes, so be sure to stack your car with lots of bottles of water.


Well, you have to think why take clothes with you, but trust me, having an extra pair of top, pants or shoes or socks won't hurt you. Instead, you never know that you might need it at any time. Above all, if you have little ones and pets with you, wearing an extra garment is not a choice, but a constraint.

I will suggest that you wear the clothes according to the weather. For example, if you are traveling from a warm climate to a relatively cooler region, or it is late at night by the time you reach your destination, you may be cold. It is therefore preferable that you take warm clothes with you.


The next in the list of things to keep with you when moving a house is the keys. Most of us are used to losing keys, so be sure to keep them safe with you. Plus, you're going to need them at all times, so you can't make the silly mistake of packing them in boxes with other personal belongings. Keep it somewhere, you can easily locate it when needed.


I always recommend that people take money with them whenever they move from one place to another. It's actually for emergencies. Not all locations allow credit card payments and may require you to pay only in cash. In addition, if by chance your card is lost, having money will save you time. So, yes, keep money with you even if you feel you won't need it. Prevention is always better than cure.

Prescriptions and medications:

It is strongly recommended that you take your medications and prescriptions with you, especially the medications that you or your family members will have during the trip. Make sure you do not mistakenly put them in the other boxes, otherwise you may not be able to take this medicine on time. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get this medication in local stores all the time. So be sure to take them with you.

In fact, not just the prescribed medications, I would also suggest that you keep most of the common medications and antiseptics, etc. with you. In other words, keep a first aid kit with you and be sure to include common medications.

Basic toiletries:

I always keep a few basic toiletries with me every time I travel, and trust me, it helps. These usually include a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, comb, good moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror, deodorant, etc.


Some of the other items are also included in the list of what to keep with you on the day of relocation, and these are scissors, gums, stapler, disposable bags, rubber bands, handkerchiefs, safety pins , tape, etc. need them and so it's safer to take them with you when you travel.

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