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Step-By-Step Guide to Changing Your Address Before relocation? Essential Things to Do after Move.

Do you plan to relocate; move to somewhere else? Relocating to a new place is no easy deed. Proper relocation requires lots of planning and a systematic execution. Not only do you need to change your address, but you need to notify people about it beforehand. You need to segregate your home articles, make a note of them, pack them accordingly, and then see to it that they are safely transported. But what do you do once you have reached your new home? Is there a way to make settling down easier for you? This article is specially designed to help you change address and settle down at the new place easily.

Step-By-Step Guide to Changing Your Address Before relocation

Changing address before relocation:

Before you move to your new home, it is important that you notify people of your address change. In fact, notifying your change of address should be the first thing you do before relocation. It is best to notify your change of address at least 2 weeks prior to relocation. This ensures that important services can reach your new home instead of being misguided towards your old place. It also helps to lessen the burden of moving by giving you ample time to start packing your home articles for the relocation. Below are a few of the important service providers that you must notify prior to relocation:

  • The electricity board

  • The gas agency

  • The post office

  • The network services providing agency

  • The tax agency

  • Magazine and newspaper subscription services

  • The bank

  • The workplace or place of education (school/college/institute)

  • Online shopping sites

  • Insurance agencies

  • Loan agencies

  • National and legal identity cards like Voter ID and Driver’s License

  • The water board

Failure to change one’s address before relocation can result in important services being lost and bills being mailed to your old address rather than reach your new place. Last but not the least, do not forget to tell your friends, relatives and family members of your address change so that they know where you live.

List of Essential Things to Do After Relocating:

Once you have moved into your new place, it is first important to get a lay of the land before you go ahead unpacking. It is always better to check for the main water supply, fuse box, switchboards and gas valves. If possible try to get this done and before moving in. Take time to plan where to place each of your home articles and appliances. Create a rough idea of where you intend to place them.

Once you have moved in follow the following steps:

Delivery inspection:

Once you have reached the new place, it is of prime importance that you check if all your stuff have been properly unloaded and that nothing is missing. It is better to use a checklist so that the inspection will be much easier.

Unpack the essentials:

Next, it is important that you do not go crazy unpacking everything. First, unpack all the basic stuff that you need (like toiletries, important appliances). I would suggest you go for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom appliances and furniture first.

Home inspection:

Check your home for any problems or pests. This could be a leakage or rat/cockroach infestation. Take the necessary precautions. It would be better to have this step done before you move into your new place so that you can address those issues beforehand.

Turn on the basics:

Turn on your water, electricity and gas supply! It is also important that you install a few tube lights and fans/air conditioners (at least one for each room) before you turn on the supply.


Clean your place and your major articles and appliances. You might find a lot of dust bunnies.

Unpacking other things:

Finally, you can unpack all your other stuff like the television (unless you think its a basic need, in case of which refer step 2), books, other furniture, photo frames, and the like.

Tips to Settle Easily:

Now that you have unpacked everything and have alerted everyone of the address change what other thing do you need to do? Well, for starters, you need to actually be able to call this new place your home. It is not easy, moving into a new place and one can’t expect to find the same amount of comfort as in their old place. So what can you do to settle in? Follow the tips below:

Back to routine:

An easy way to settle down at the new place is to try to get back to your old routine work. This may seem a bit tough initially but you will get the hang of it.

Surveying the surroundings:

Check out your new neighborhood. Make a note of important landmarks like the nearest park or hospital or grocery store or post office. It’s also important that you know how to get to your new home; this is a difficulty that people generally face when they initially move into a new place.

Making friends with the neighbors:

Try to make friends with your neighbors. Stir up some friendly chat or invite them over for tea. Get to know the people around you and try to enlarge your circle.

Inviting friends, family and relatives to your new home:

Invite old friends and neighbors, relatives, and family over to your new home. This helps ease the transition of moving to a new place and brings some warmth to a seemingly menacing new home.

Spending a bit more time at home:

Try to spend a bit more time at your new home. The more time you spend at home, the more you may grow closer to it.

After you have successfully done all of the above, you are all set to begin a new chapter of your life. Life is filled with adventures and brand new experiences. This is just one of them. Home isn’t your address, its where your heart is!

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