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How to avoid frauds by Packers & Movers Companies in India

Household items and family. And let's face it, moving to a remote city will not be an easy task, even though there are professional moving agencies and packaging agencies in every city in India that can help you. As the number of people moving out increases rapidly these days. The number of cases of fraud and cheating by moving companies and packers has also increased to an alarming level. And if you plan to use the services of packers and movers for the relocation of households and you worry about frauds and cheating by movers and packers, do not worry. Today, I will help you spot and avoid the frauds of packers and movers in India.

avoid frauds by Packers & Movers

I have personal experience working with a number of moving and packing companies in India. I have also used their services many times in the past. And given my personal experience with packers and movers, I can tell you that it's not that difficult to avoid offshoring fraud and cheating by movers and packing companies. in India. That said, let me tell you that you should not start to doubt all the other relocation companies in India because the number of fraudulent relocation companies are just a few, which are named after the group's entire sector. But if you are a little cautious and practical, you should be able to easily detect and avoid fraud and cheating by packers and movers.

Home transfers are common today, with many families moving from place to place every year or every three years due to job transfers. Whether it's a local move within the same city or a household move between states, the number of people moving each month is increasing rapidly. While some have moved to higher education, others due to better job prospects, others may need to move because of job transfers, but they all need moving services and packers to relocate without hassle. This upward trend in home transfers has led to the demand for increased packaging and moving services. Home transportation is a hectic task and most people prefer to rely on professional movers to set up quickly and on time. While using relocation services for movers and packers can be very helpful, we sometimes fall into the hands of fraud packers and movers who deceive us for their personal benefit. So when choosing moving and packing companies, you have to be very careful.

With the introduction of various conditioners and movers in almost all parts of India, home moving has become an easy task. We just have to book them and let them know our basic requirements and they will run the whole process of changing reports without problems. However, choosing the right movers and packers is very important because the safety and fast delivery of the goods is entirely dependent on them. In fact, as the number of forgery cases has also increased, you need to be a little cautious when evaluating and hiring movers and packers. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, if you fall into the wrong hands once; you can end up with a huge loss.

Tips for Finding and Avoiding Packer and Mover Fraud in India

Finding packers and movers who are truly the best in the business can make all the difference. The number of frauds and cheating cases is increasing day by day in the packers and movers industry.

Many companies illegally forge customers' money and sometimes even harass them with their property. But, if you follow some basic tactics, then you will be able to easily avoid such situations of fraud and cheating.

Here are some of the best tips to detect and avoid fraud by packers and moving companies in India:

Use references whenever possible:

Since online reviews are often wrong or invented, you can choose companies by taking references from reliable sources. Like for example, if one of your trusted friends, neighbors, family members, etc. has been moved, he may be able to refer you to the packers and movers they used. If they are satisfied with the services of a specific packer and remover, you can use them as a reference and connect to the service provider in question.

When a friend refers you to movers and packers, you can at least be a little sure of the reliability of the service provider. But do not rely on the face value because it is not because your friends have referred that everything will be fine. So keep them in the pipeline and continue your investigation before finalizing. You also need to set rates and delivery times, because that's just as important.

Search properly:

As I said, it's better to hire movers and packers on the recommendation of a friend or family, but what if they do not exist? Well, in this case you have to take charge and start looking for some leading packers and movers. With proper search and filtering steps, you can easily detect and avoid fraud and scams from movers and packers. You need to check if the conditioner and the mover you plan to hire are reliable or not. Look carefully at the profile and check the comments and comments to get a good idea. Even online reviews turn out to be fake, read them carefully.

The best you can do is consider 3 or 4 relocation companies instead of relying on one. The more options you keep, the less vulnerable you will be to forgery, as it is very rare for all of your options to turn into fraud. Once you have selected the top three or four agencies, you will be able to compare and write off a few and continue to evaluate the rest.

Use exclusive platforms:

The next and probably wiser alternative is to use a platform to keep in touch with pre-screened and verified packers and movers across the country. In general, many dedicated platforms allow users to connect to pre-verified packaging and moving companies.

The advantage of using such a platform is that they simply connect you to two or three companies that they have verified. They simply connect to them. Hiring is ultimately your own decision. So you have the freedom to evaluate and filter the agencies on your own parameters, then choose the agency that suits you best. In addition to being documented, these movers and packers tend to behave properly, because if they turn out to be involved in a case of irresponsibility, the platform can remove them and fail to market through this platform.

As we have our platform, we can say with confidence that the movers and packers on board are all checked. Proper verification is done before companies are shipped to our platform. So you can make sure the relocation companies you are paired with are all licensed and reliable, with accidents being the only exception.

Here, you are usually connected to three different companies and after talking to each of them you have to decide who to choose. Since all businesses are good, there is no chance of making a major wrong decision.

Check documents:

It is imperative that you choose an approved packer and mover regardless of which source you prefer to connect to. This is because there are so many companies and not everyone is trustworthy. But if the company holds a license, you will be able to complain or follow its existence quickly in case of problems.

Before hiring packers and movers, please check the legal documents provided by the state or central government, such as the goods and services tax registration, the Pan card on behalf of the company, the store, and the establishment license, etc. Also take the time to study. terms and conditions regarding the home-based travel process. Correctly cross company information and make the decision to hire.

Avoid making a decision over the phone:

It is important that you do not make decisions over the phone. Indeed, if you finalize by phone, you will not be able to meet them in person before, which is actually a very important thing. You have to talk to them face to face, observe them correctly, and then make the decision.

Never pay in advance:

One of the important tips on how to detect and avoid fraud by packers and movers is not to pay them in advance. Most scammers are looking for a sufficient amount in advance and are trying to convince you by any means possible. So if you find members of the company trying to force you a lot, you have to take note.

Personally, I prefer to pay the fees once the effects are safely delivered to the destination, but the standard 60-40 or 50-50 is the norm, which means 50 to 60% at the time of loading and remaining at the delivery. Payment terms are generally flexible and you can negotiate for a favorable payment term. But most movers will require a deposit of 70 to 80%, remaining on delivery. Regardless of the payment condition you are negotiating, the advance should only be paid once the packaging is completed, not at the time of the survey or earlier.

I heard of cases where the movers had taken a step ahead and never showed up to be packed. Discuss with the agency you are considering hiring.

The lowest bid may not be the best:

You see, the thing that most scammers and criminals play to deceive the customers is to present very attractive offers. They charge at very low rates, so most employees get excited about it and hire them. Thus, another important tip on how to detect and avoid fraud committed by packers and movers is to not opt ​​for too low prices.

You see, most good companies provide excellent services and they charge at market prices and they are worth it. So please do not be greedy and opt for packers and movers offering rates hard to believe because there may be hidden fees as you go along. There have been instances where movers and packers have demanded more money during transit of goods.

Do not pay in cash:

Be careful not to pay movers and packers in cash. Always opt for payment by check or digital and this also on behalf of the company. This is one of the essential steps on how to spot and avoid fraud packers and movers. All cash transactions have no solid evidence, so you should never do it.

Many packers and movers who are not up to date prefer to carry out financial transactions in cash. Therefore, if a company is lobbying or trying to persuade you to pay in cash, you should avoid such agencies. In addition, if a transport and moving company accepts payment by check, this means that there is a valid and active bank account and that you know that the bank checks all documents before opening an account.

Be aware of brand duplicates:

In addition to using similar names from well-known brands, many fraud companies also promise to be under a reputable brand or to be part of leading service providers. This is one of the many techniques they use to capture potential customers. In fact, not only are the innocent trapped, but they also hurt the name and goodwill of the trust mark they refer to.

So, please be aware of that. To avoid this, you can call the actual mark and cross-check instead of blindly trusting the fraud companies. This is another good step to identify and avoid fraud by packaging and moving companies in India.

Opt for door-to-door service:

Most licensed and accredited packing and moving companies offer door-to-door transfer services. But sometimes, movers may simply fail to mention this and what happens is irritating. Movers and packers will unload your goods on the highway and ask you to make arrangements for local transportation or they may request absurd amounts to deliver your goods to your home. It is always best to discuss the delivery bit well in advance before finalizing the mover and packers.

Know your rights:

One of the best ways to detect and avoid packer and movers fraud is to know your rights. Before moving, take a copy of the rights and responsibilities of the service providers you have hired. If there is a problem, you can apply for insurance benefits. You must know the insurance application process and the amount for which you are insured.

Do not pay extra:

Many companies store shipments until they receive another order to fill their delivery van, otherwise they may charge additional fees. This is something that many such companies do and you should not fall prey to it. Do not pay extra for storage services. No company can charge you extra without your approval. You need to make sure that your goods are delivered on the agreed date, that their delivery van is full or empty and when you discuss these details in more detail in advance, this will certainly help you avoid the hassle.

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